Friday, August 07, 2009

Mossley v Springhead

For now you get this (reduced to laptop for everything tonight - and I still haven't got my head around the whole "photo show" via laptop - it'll come - it'll have to !).

Mossley won 6-3 - I've a few of the goals (yep - not all !!) - but you'll have to wait for the main stuff - I offer up just two pix tonight - a "before and after" of the officials - the number 49 equates to the combined age of all three (viz 17+16+16) - and I (and many others) felt they did a really good job tonight coping with the "big boys" - in fact there was one penalty given - disputed - but I have evidence that the ref "got it right" (Picture to follow ) ! So a heartfelt "Well Done" to Aaron, Calum and Joe - tonight they coped well and I'm sure it was a very good training session for them as well.

Before ....

And after ...

I don't want to "p*pss on their parade" by ranting about work problems (or soon to be non-work) so I'll leave it at this tonight. So many officials are leaving the game because they get no "Respect" - this will have been an experience, hopefully to spur these three onto greater stuff . Once again "Well Done" - and I hope you got some appreciation from the players as well...

Match photos - I'll do some more tomorrow - honest !

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