Sunday, August 09, 2009

Belper Town v Worksop Town

... a busy weekend indeed - much faffing/tidying at "Chez Smiffy" before scooting off to Belper - I get "time off" for the football with "easy on the afters" - a family party to go to in Denby (yep, not Derby but Denby !)...

The game - a pretty even first half I thought, and then the second half began with Belper certainly in the ascendancy for about 20 minutes before ... Worksop score ! Belper continued to look useful against their Unibond Prem opponents before one "went in off the *rse" to give the scoreline a most unrealistic view. Some piccies to be found at

Belper 0 Worksop 2

Then off to the party (after a quick natter with "Penfold" !) - party, sleep, up, walk around the Derbyshire Dales before home - and this ....

Tomorrow - back to "that place" ... see if they've managed to re-arrange my "consultation" meeting at a more acceptable time (let's see whether they really do give a f*ck - breath not being held !!) - football this week will be the game 'twixt Stalybridge Celtic and AFC Telford United on Tuesday I feel ...

Got some "silly pix" on t'other card from this weekend - stay tuned (but not tonight though !!)

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