Thursday, December 17, 2009

Back to Work ...

... while the job hunt continues ... a small diversion (in reverse gear ??)

I was out this afternoon attempting to do some Christmas shopping before the world and his wife breaks up for Christmas and clutter up the streets and pubs of Greater Manchester. I've spent most of the daytime this week waiting for a plumber to come and fix our boiler which (seasonally ?!?) has decided to "go wrong" (anyone know a reliable plumber in the Mossley area ?). The moby rings - a message from small boy (with broken hand !) at home - remember that company that put me on the scrapheap at the end of October (yes Simon Carves) ? They have a problem with an unposted batch in the Nominal Ledger - it won't post because it won't balance. So, throwing the "you're still on notice so we CAN call you in at anytime" card into the ring .. they call me in. Timed to perfection .. now I have to finish my Christmas shopping in the mayhem that will be next week in the shops (can't do tomorrow - after taking Mrs Smiffy to work - I take car in for MOT, then continue the search for a plumber that will make our house warm ...)

But I digress - popped back to Cheadle Hulme to see a building in semi-darkness - 60% of the building is now "closed off" - so so sad to see - yes there's still "some" feeling for the place. I got into the secure building (cleaner let me in !!!!!!), onto a pc and sorted problem (£8m batch - so too many characters in field - I'd told them for years to keep the batches "small and often" - they still don't take it in !!). Someone even had the cheek to say, "While you're here ...?" - short shrift indeed. Then - a bit of a natter then back home - gosh how I miss those late trains - and sure enough the train back to Manchester was late.

Took me ten minutes to "get back into the database" as they say ... but you never lose it (just hope some recruiters are reading this !!) ..

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