Sunday, December 20, 2009

I got football today !!

... at Woodley Sports where they beat Wakefield 3-1 ... in front of a crowd of 98 ! I was reliably informed that "the phone hasn't stopped ringing all morning" by a Woodley official. So where the hell did people go ?? The only other game (Leigh Genesis 4 AFC Fylde 1) got a crowd of only 173. So I guess the non-league fans of Tameside did their Christmas shopping - or watched United get stuffed 3-0 on illegal TV. I've said this before - non-league is a bit of a "family affair" - and I fail to understand why supporters don't go and support other teams in times of football need (that's support in "help" definition of course - I hardly expect lifelong Mossley fans to go and shout for Woodley - especially after the other week !). It's a game isn't it ?

Pictures sometime tomorrow - we have visitors tonight/tomorrow so this is a sneaky post while every bugger else has just gone to bed - and I still have half a can left .... !

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