Sunday, December 20, 2009

Woodley Sports v Wakefield

... such was the weather - always knew this was a "dead cert" once everything else was called off early doors. Had an interesting journey ... plan was train to Ashton then 330 bus to Woodley precinct; however the 1255 train was a touch crowded at Mossley - very crowded at Stalybridge - and then it refused to open doors @ Ashton, taking me straight to Manchester Victoria - good job I went for the 1255 rather than the 1355 eh what !

So - a tram to Piccadilly and a search for a train to Woodley or Bredbury - just managed to jump on the 1345 to Bredbury, and a short walk up the clogged A560 to Woodley Precinct and thence to Lambeth Grove. The pitch had a light sprinkling of white stuff (unlike at Durham apparently - they didn't bother clearing the snow off - but they let Nantwich Town embark on their 360 mile round trip for nothing - Durham might be in the "doo doos" but that was not clever, and when they need all the support they need - that sort of behaviour will win few friends) - but was perfectly playable as 3G pitches go - and the meagre crowd of 98 were treated to an excellent game - Wakefield kept going to the end but Woodley were deserved 3-1 winners to extend their unbeaten run to four games (an unbeaten run which began against .... Mossley of course !). Despite the arctic weather - it was pigging cold - batteries were giving up quicker than usual - despite the magic gloves my hands were struggling - (I was SO happy when it started snowing because it went up a couple of degrees) - still managed a half-decent set of pix for your delictation at

Woodley Sports 3 Wakefield 1

As I "sneaked in" last night, we had visitors - it snowed some more - and today we went out walking in the white stuff and I took a load more piccies as well. In the afternoon I went off on my own to get some more - including some pictures of the Mossley pitch (I reckon the Boxing Day game against Curzon Ashton is already in doubt). I'll try to get the snowy pix up sometime tomorrow - cus I've had a brief peek, and some of them aren't so bad either.

Anyway - at least we got a game in yesterday - one of only two games in the entire Unibond League - just puts the final bit of Crimbo shopping off for a bit longer ... and if the Saturday train to Manchester was anything to go by - I'm glad I avoided all that by sticking to train stations and trams !!

Naturally an empty week - I heard something of a Mossley friendly on Tuesday night but having seen the pitch .. forget it - looks like a wait until Boxing Day to see if anything's on then ...

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