Friday, December 11, 2009

Bonus Night Out !

..last night .. Liverpool v Fiorentina ('twas a "Christmas Wrapping Party" at home) - tonight was a "Hair Dye Session plus Christmas Deccies" party - so I got to go up to Mossley Social Club to one of Orpheus's "2nd Thursday" gigs .. and saw a rather good trio called "Harp and a Monkey" ... saw the harp, but .. no monkey !! I can't take big camera to DragonForce tomorrow (today ?!?) - and I failed to get on the guest/photographer list for Power Quest next week - Manuela from PQ was really nice about it, but because they're only "support" to Michael Schenker the options (passes if you like) were fewer - hey ho !! so I gave it a go tonight with big bugger ..

Harp and a Monkey - Mossley Social Club 10Dec09

Crappy compact tomorrow (today ?!?) folks .....

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