Friday, December 11, 2009

Bad Start to Weekend

Got the unemployed equivalent of a "Dear John" letter from the DWP today - well early afternoon actually - so I will have to remain strictly the "wrong side" of the desk/bullet-proof window !

Panic ? Not yet ... I also got my second (of three) "Gardening Leave payslips" - and a credit card bill ... a real "roller-coaster of post" today !! Soon it's time to get ready for popular beat music this evening down in the big city - from the sublime of "Harp and a Monkey" last night to the ridiculous of Dragonforce tonight ... still got a spare ticket though I've put it up on - the ethical option.

Tomorrow sees "Grandma's Party" in Belper and hopefully a fair chunk of Belper Town v Lincoln United (cries of "Stevo must Stay !!" go up around the Amber Valley - and Southport as well).

Then back to the job hunt on Monday ...

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