Monday, December 07, 2009

Extractions 2 Fillings 4

... a cracking away win for the fillings, while crazily all 6 were scored by the Greek (?) "striker" Lampraki.

Another score today was NewSpex 2 Vision 20/20 ... while the Asda £50 option sounds tempting ... they were in the end 'trumped' by the "2 for £75" option at SpecSavers (the opticians of football officials country-wide !)

... which leaves only one more effing chest x-ray - OK I say one more - the three up to now have been 1 - "Clearish, but we'd like to check"; 2) "Shadow/inflammation on right side" and then 3) "OK on right side, poss inflammation on left side" - and my entire physical self should be sorted - pro-tem !

... which reminds me - "We must book the car in for an MOT before New Years Eve " .. ho ho ..

PS for those who fancy Lancaster City v Mossley on't'net tomorrow night - is the radio station of choice - from 1935 onwards ...

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