Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday - Late-ish

Quick weekend ctach-up, which began @ Stalybridge Buffet Bar, meeting the boys (and girl !) from Ilkeston Town - well those who hadn't buggered off to the Wetherspoons anyway. Scabbed a lift on their coach up to Bower Fold as well !!

The goal certainly caught a lot of people "cold" - or still in pie queue - or still faffing with camera before walking round !! And after that ... the next 86 minutes were fairly evenly matched - although I reckon Celtic's Dave Carnell was the busier of the two 'keepers - and a little bit more composure in front of goal could well have seen Ilkeston win handsomely. But there you go - "win ugly" and all similar cliches. Celtic certainly looked a bit "ring rusty" - after all it was their first league game since the end of October - crazy, but that's FA competitions for you (work it through and you'll find it's the fault of the World Cup ... or Sky ... or both, because Sky told FIFA when to have the World Cup, where to have the World Cup, and also the kick-off times ... allegedly .. !!

Off to Rochdale in the evening - and this morning a wander around Healey Dell Nature Reserve - I've got some pix, but they're on t'other pc - and boy is watching "Bad Girls" (why ?) on it at the moment, so ... we'll have to wait on them.

This midweek is varied to say the least (!!) - Monday the dentist starts ripping my mouth apart - on Tuesday, the Salford College Parent's Evening means no Lancaster City v Mossley - so I'll probably try to catch as much as poss of the Stalybridge Celtic v Gloucester City game ... Wednesday .. hmm - Thursday .. hmm - and Friday it's DragonForce at Manchester Academy .. Saturday sees a trip to Belper .. party and hopefully a goodly chunk of football, and a chance to discuss the merits of ISO 3200 on an EOS 20D against ISO 3200 on the EOS 50D - it's bloomin important at this time of year when light is at a premium - and if I do - fingers crossed - get back into gainful employment before the "Gardening Leave" finishes - an upgrade to the 50D body is a distinct possibility.

And naturally in between all this "fun and games" - the Job Hunt goes on ...

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