Monday, December 14, 2009

Nightmare - Absolute Nightmare ...

... you don't want to know the the absolute sh*te that I've been going through tonight in the land of computer - it's just crazy ... crazy ... this is coming via the laptop - however the photo stuff still needs to come via the other bloody thing - and bloody thing is an understatement - dunno whether it's to do with it being the 13th - or just all the crap etc that small boy has on the machine.

Suffice to say getting the Belper v Lincoln pix began at about 1945 tonight ... and is still going on now (!) - all this for 16 sub-standard (in my eyes) pictures - and I've STILL got to go through the crap from babycam (as in Dragonforce on Friday night - tell you what mind, Sabaton are WELL worth a listen !), and also the pictures from "Grandma's Party" (which I know you're not interested in but .. still need sorting out). I'm now sitting, looking at a JAlbum startup logo/splash screen that is just "sitting there" - AAAARGH.

I can see me taking a day out of "job hunt" this week - just to sort out all this garbage - I've a pc upstairs that could be - nay will be - "snapper only" - no rubbish, no internet, just photography - and then I can use memstix to move stuff around ... because 5 hours for 16 pictures is just daft. Stay tuned ... or have a good night's sleep first !!

(And yes I DO wonder about virus/keystrokes as well)

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