Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finally - Dragonforce @ Manchester Academy 11Dec09

... the job application is winging its way across the ether to Oldham Council - and I'v now managed to drag some half-decent - OK quarter-decent pix off "ye olde compacte camerata" ... but you'll get the picture. A fine set in front of a very low crowd indeed at Academy 1 in Manc - so low that even the bloomin' touts were not buying - so if anyone wants an unused DF ticket - I've got one ! Three support bands, but I didn't bother with the first two (a pint in the Kro Bar won the day - Deuchars IPA at some daft price !). However Sabaton I DID like - not too shouty and heavy enough for rock'n'roll. DF played an execellent set - and the sound was OK for my ears. "Valley of the Damned" is now 'included' in the set rather than an encore (which was "Fire and Flames") - but I still missed the last train back to Stalybridge meaning midnight bus and taxi from Bridge - hey ho that's the way it go ... oh yes pictures:

Dragonforce & Sabaton 11Dec09

Next gig - Wolfmother in January - also today bought tickets for the John Butler Trio in April for daughter + 1 (plus one for me - he's a very talented banjo player indeed - feel free to check out John Butler - Ocean - you'll see what I mean !).

Now - off to cook some basic tea (jacket spuds and be damned !).

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