Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Football-Free Evening

Yep - didn't bother with the "big one" tonight (Curzon Ashton won that 4-2 at Leek Town !) - went for a "2 for 1" at Ashton Cineworld to see "Avatar 3D" - interesting that they put a £1-90 "supplement" on all 3D movies - and charge 80p for the spex on top of that ! What an incredible film - the graphics and the colours are simply stunning - OK a fairly simplistic story (Good v Evil - people seeing the error of their ways - hints of "Star Wars" and "Apocalypse Now" in some of the characterisation, nice big battle at the end ... and so on ...) but a great night out - 3D has come a long long way thanks to CGI - even the Cadbury's advert pre-film had Mrs Smiffy flinching !!

Something different for a Wednesday night ... might use that "2 for 1" again - maybe the Tim Burton "Alice in Wonderland" thingy.

(Oh ... United beat City I believe).

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