Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Quiet Night In ...

... while the wife's away - there's no real football - DAMN ! Settled for Zambia v Tunisia on Eurosport (a bit of a dreary 1-1 draw - both teams appearing to play the "don't lose your first group game" card) followed by Liverpool v Reading (a bit more passion here I must say - and the best team won - Rafa must go - don't know how long he's been at Liverpool but his command of the English language should be a lot better than it is !).

What else ... moves are afoot at Stalybridge over the next few days - apparently Harrogate Town have given up all hope of de-icing Wetherby Road for Saturday, so the game has been switched to Bower Fold - with the proviso that the 6 inch snow blanket is shifted before the 1330 kick-off on Saturday (obviously still don't trust the floodlights after the Southport "game" !), so another "call to arms" has been issued for Friday and Saturday. With Mossley being at Colwyn Bay on Saturday (and the train fare being prohibitive - and I have a "night out in Manchester" planned for the evening), I guess I'll be throwing my hat into the Celtic ring - another "snow shifting shift" beckons !!

Tomorrow ... continue the job hunt - maybe another "PhotoShop" tutorial (!!) - and in the evening a walk up to Mossley Social Club for the "2nd Thursday Live" evening featuring George Borowski and the Fabulous Wonderfuls (for those who don't know - Dire Straits - "Sultans of Swing" - "Check out Guitar George - he knows all the chords") - last saw him at the "Railway" in Greenfield back in the summer of 2007 (some pix) - new album since then ("Fair Xaverian") - and it's free as well - if you're in the area why not give it a go - and help Mossley AFC as well (drink beer etc !) ... and I should get to give big camera an airing as well - sick to death of no football (as in none this year !).

Payday beckons - as in "last payday" - soon be time to officially sign on as unemployed ... starting to get a touch nervy now ... got to just keep on keeping on ...

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