Tuesday, January 26, 2010


... I go away at the weekend - to come home to find that the remaining six floodlights have been "downed" - I go out to football tonight - to come home to find that our Manager has resigned to take up a "second in command" post at Stalybridge - to, as I understand it, a "temporary manager" - the phrase was "an opportunity he cannot turn down" - don't know about you, but there's something not quite right here ... obviously when Steve Burr left Celtic to go to Kidderminster, there was a "banged up" contract ready and waiting (and a nice shiny car accoring to the "Non League Paper" on Sunday) - so what kind of a deal has our erstwhile Manager got at Stalybridge ? Don't get me wrong - I'm all for Managers improving themselves - but a temp job ???

Or is it ??

Or is it just short term money ??

Or does Chris know something about Mossley that we don't ??

There is a Supporters Forum @ Mossley on Thursday night - originally set up due to the "floodlight crisis" - I think they may be other questions asked that night - unless other stuff "comes out in the wash" before then.

Naturally, whilst catching up on this "shenanigans", the Hyde/Ilson stuff from tonight has gone on hold (it was 1-1 by the way) - I'll catch up ASAP ... but for now ... I'm seriously confused, and seriously not happy ...


Anonymous said...

I know Mr Gorski makes a lot of the "limited budget" his board provide but being limited is relative. A limit of £7k a week plus? Manchester United are currently limiting their budget to £x million a week.

Your boss went for the money.

Anonymous said...

Not the first time this has happened - I'm sure Benny Phillips left Clitheroe to go back to Witton as assistant to a then-temporary manager in the shape of Jim Vince.
Clearly "temporary" means something quite different in football club language . . .