Wednesday, January 06, 2010

"Mossley Under Siege" - Latest ..

... and we're not talking about the Lilywhite's defence !!! Stayed in all day (apart from a brisk morning trip to the "convenience shop" for essentials (more milk - Mrs Smiffy working from home = more tea drunk !!). Daughter got to work - boy got to college placement - aren't trains wonderful ! And then - earlier this eve, a JCB trundled up our street (imagine ... narrow - cul-de-sac - cars on both sides) - ploughed out a single-track furrow and dumped the snow between the parked cars and up on the pavement. Also, having cleared the snow, it's now revealed some patches of ice underneath from the earlier "cold snap" - grit box STILL empty - so a few plusses and a few minuses then !!

Tomorrow sees me - possibly - having to use the car (Mrs Smiffy off to work via train) - just weighed it up after a quick trip to "convenience shop" for evening essentials (you guess !) - might need half-an-hour's digging out around the wheels (thanks JCB) and clearing of snow/ice first ...

... and I've (rashly ?) promised to head up to Mossley AFC to help shift some snow "from the approaches" in order that the Social Club becomes accessible to cars as well - no bloomin' football looking possible for a while (forget the Garforth game this Saturday), so we need to ensure that the only real source of income at this present time - the Social Club - is available/accessible so we can get some money. What with the floodlight crisis (official line on the web site - here) still "up in the air" (unlike the bloody pylons !), every penny counts ... and it's the same for all of the "Six Tame Sides" ... and ALL non-league teams as well - no home games = no income - and expect no help from the FA/Football League - or those rich clubs "up above".

A Final "and finally ..." - don't know if anyone else (outside Manchester) noticed ... but the Chill Factore (Manchester's artificial snow slope) was shut the other day because of ... the snow ... ha !

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