Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Futile Football Footprints (Almost ...)

... it's Tuesday - therefore it's football night in Mossley. Obviously no real football to watch, but ... Stoke v Fulham on MurdochChannel ... so, off out through the already chilling piles of snow. "Britannia" in Mossley - only showing Sky Sports News Channel, so after a "Hobgoblin" - and in the full knowledge that Stoke were already 3-0 up - I caught the (fairly "on time") train to Greenfield and into the "Railway" - where they're watching some cr*p about police and stuff ... never mind, had a natter with Malc and mate - and a couple of pints of Millstone "Tiger Rut".

Home (on a fairly "on-time" train) - to find it finished 3-2 ... picked two wrong 'uns for football tonight ! However, when everyone went to bed I dosed up on "Sgorio" (S4C) and watched New Saints beat Welshpool 4-0 (mostly down to some comical defending by Y Trallwng !), followed by a 1-1 draw twixt Rhyl and Prestatyn (MOM was definitely the Prestatyn keeper Jon Dunt - just like it said in the "NLP" on Sunday - pulled off some tremendous saves).

And so to Wednesday ... and more chaos "out there" - one last "up" from today - the MEN "live feed" screen today ref the weather/transport/closures/opens etc etc - extremely good, and no doubt extremely useful to those "out there" - trust we'll see same tomorrow/later today.

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