Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lancaster City v Salford City

Woke up to rain - now that should clear a few pitches - but not today - ended up with the choice - AFC Fylde (new ground too far from station) or Lancaster (familiar territory) - so chose Lancaster. OK a bit of a trek - but I got football, and got the chance to see my (Lancaster resident) lad ... and his new fiancee's ring ! Not that tricky a trip really - left Mossley at 1155 - in Lancaster for 1400-ish. Nipped into to see lad (just round the corner from the station - which is just around the corner from the ground) before off to the Giant Axe for my first football this year !

Green grass !! The Giant Axe from Lancaster Station platform.

4-1 to Lancaster sounds comfy - but for long periods of the game it wasn't. Storms were weathered at the start of both halves, and at 3-1 there was a distinct attack of the nerves ... but it all turned out well in the end (naturally a certain amount of sympathy for Lancaster here - as the last Mossley game I saw was ... a 4-1 defeat by Salford City !). Some "ring-rusty" pictures at

Lancaster City 4 Salford City 1

.. and then back into Manchester for a night out with Mrs Smiffy and friends - a nice meal at Cafe Istanbul completely ruined by some loud gobsh*tes at another table - why oh why do people need to shout across a table - they're in a restaurant - keep your club/disco volumes for the bloody club/disco - and let me enjoy my meal in relative peace. Similar volumes - inevitably - on last train home ... mmm lovely ...

Back still in "aargh mode" following Friday's exertions with snow - so unlikely to do much walking tomorrow (today !) - so I WILL get those pictures from the gig at Mossley Social Club up and running some time later ... promise - but I'll have to be quick - because tomorrow night, me and our Michelle are off to Manchester Academy to see the new incarnation of Wolfmother - still to hear the new album "Cosmic Egg" - it will come no doubt soon. Plus I get to try out new compact - still a bit shaky in "Program Mode" - the pictures I brought home of Lucy's ring for Mrs Smiffy to see were simply awful ! Hoping for better tonight - but first some sleep ...


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