Monday, January 18, 2010

New Hero at Mossley - Steve Burgess

... from Saturday morning. While I was trying like hell to actually get up/stand up/walk with my head held high (rather than an LS Lowry "extra" !) after the snow shifting exertions of Friday, moves were afoot at Mossley to sort out the "Floodlight Situation" at Mossley.

Step forward Steve "Birdman" Burgess who not content with using a bit of oxy-acetylene to cut up the rogue floodlight ON the pitch, then proceeded to scale the existing pylons to adjust the lights !!! A bold move indeed, captured for posterity on video (by his missus I believe) - check this out (and listen to the soundtrack at 0:47 !!):

The "Steeplejack of Mossley"

I should have been there - I knew about it (volunteers HAD been asked for late Friday night) - but I had been forbidden by Mrs Smiffy to do anything at all (she was right of course - I'm still on ibuprofen and alcohol in an attempt to put a knackered 53 year back into some semblence of normality - I even had to go to Lancaster with minimal kit/weight in my "snapper bag" else not go at all).

There's a lot of people that owe Steve a big debt of gratitude - weather permitting the game on Saturday against Woodley Sports WILL now go ahead.

Well done Steve !

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