Monday, January 18, 2010

Wolfmother @ Manchester Academy

... well after a couple or three "fairly good" photo sessions this last few days, it was down to earth with a resounding thud tonight - after a few "test shots" before the support band, I put the new babycam in my pocket and left it there - save for a couple of video efforts which I haven't dared to look at yet.

Anyway - the gig - support band (Black Angels ?) started well - part way through first song me and our Michelle concluded "Black Rebel Motorcycle Club" - they then proceeded to meander through a few non-descript songs (my view) - everything cranked up too loud (a Puddle of Mudd almost) before coming on strong at the end - 5 out of 10 I guess. The new Wolfmother incarnation ripped straight into "Dimension" from the first album before a few tracks of the new "Cosmic Egg" offering - all good stuff. Back to #1 album with an OTT "Woman", a (to me) understated "White Unicorn", "Apple Tree" and "Collossal" before the "New Moon Rising" track which was sort of created "in between band changes" I think - back to I think 3 new ones - last but one track before they left the stage was for me the pick of the bunch (no idea of title I'm afraid but well heavy !). Encored with "Vagabond" and the marvellous "Joker and the Thief" - over by 2220 - me home by 2300 (yes I drove ... and NEVER touched a drop - making up for it now) - a fine performance - now we must get hold of new album ...

... and really MUST get that camera manual onto the laptop and give it a good reading !!

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