Tuesday, January 05, 2010

In Place of Football - More Bloomin' Snow

... aaah the joys of being "between jobs" (although I'd have given it a go this morning had I had the chance !!) Instead I had a "wander out" this morning - not far as the safest way in and out of Mossley is by rail - and took some more pictures ... also some from our back yard:

More Mossley Snow 05Jan10

Forecast ... who knows ... it hasn't stopped snowing here all day - must be at least a foot deep out the back by now - big up to our milkman - pinta on the step this morning - postie got through as well (no job news though, just a Sky flyer !) - bin still not emptied - road still not gritted/ploughed (a problem not confined to Tameside either). I can vaguely remember 1962/63 - think this could be worse ... football already in doubt for the weekend, and next midweek probably ...

Hey ho ...

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