Sunday, January 10, 2010

A "moving weekend"

With no football to get in the way (boo hoo !), it was a case of "throw yourself into" moving our Michelle into new flat. This involved me driving the car backwards and forwards, "sliding off" our street onto the (OK) main roads several times - bummer was, coming back after the final journey ... some bugger had "nicked" my dug out parking space, which I'd been in and out of all day - such are the perils of living on a terraced street where two (sometimes three !) cars is considered "normal" for a fifteen foot wide house ... never mind - excavated another spot to "slide into" and put it to bed for the night, while I went to watch Sky Sports "Snowy Saturday" followed by some important "pub surveys" in the Ashton area close to daughter's new abode - the "Station" was freezing - but had good ale and a belting juke box (I heard Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails and the Red Hot Chili Peppers in quick succession) - followed by one in the "Caledonia" (not been in there for many years) - again good ale and a decent food menu to go with it.

Today - another "shifting trip" which also involved getting rid of rubbish from two households down at the Stalybridge "refuse amenity site" (its Sunday title !!) before sliding the car back into a decent place - it ain't moving tomorrow as Mrs Smiffy is working in a school in Ashton Town Centre all day so will use the train - or the bus ...

A meaty tea (no veggie in the house now !!) of chicken in wine, honey & mustard glazed carrots, steamed broccoli and cheesy mash will now be followed by the new Harry Potter DVD - thank you and goodnight (unless I think of something dramatic that I read in the "Non League Paper" today - sure as hell wasnt a match report !!)

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