Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hyde United v Ilkeston Town

A 1-1 draw, and a game of two halves really - Ilkeston looked fairly comfortable in the first half without threatening too much - deserved the lead mind. There must have been something in the "half time cuppa" for both teams (albeit something different) as Hyde started to press and Ilkeston looked decidedly edgy all round - the equaliser was well deserved and a draw in the end was probably a fair result. Some pictures at

Hyde United 1 Ilkeston Town 1

Had my grilling at the Jobcentre - already they are trying to take money off me - when my P45 arrived (showing a leaving date of 18th Jan) on the 22nd Jan, I phoned up the Jobcentre for the initial registration. I was told today that my "dole" would be paid from "initial contact" - i.e. the 22nd NOT the 18th ... but I could fill in another form to try to backdate it - not an auspicious start ...

Having used up my "one midweek match" quota, I now find that Mossley have hastily arranged a friendly at Chadderton tonight - bugger !

Hey ho - back to the job hunt ...


Steve said...

Mike, you know the score. Permission to pinch some please (with full accreditation).

Mike Smith said...

No problem Steve !

Mark said...

Mike - I'd also like to pinch some of your pics for the Ilkeston paper again if possible.

Best for you to e-mail the originals to me at sport@ilkestonadvertiser.co.uk if that's OK.

Pics 5532, 5561, 5584 and 5508 would be great, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike

I'd like to use one of your photos in NonLeague24 magazine. Could you email hi-res versions of both goals to:

Kind regards


Rob James