Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Aaargh Poorly Sick Note Time ...

... that all began at about 2200hrs on Monday night - got up off the settee and suddenly realised that I felt like sh*t ! Had an early night (i.e. before midnight !), up at 0600hrs for work realising I actually felt even worse. Went for it anyway (knowing that Tuesday is one of the "lighter" days of the week) and when I got home I went straight back to bed and slept until about 1900hrs (3 hours - during the day - unheard of !!). Still felt grim. Beer consumption down to zero - yes it was that bad. Can't be flu - I've had the jab ... although I did do some overtime in Dobcross on Monday afternoon - one guy who works up there had last week off with "severe stomach problems" (probably left a virus all over the frame !).

Today up at 0730 (didn't need to go for the early start - yet another staffing cock-up from "da management", so I decided to go in at normal time ... had rung up to find out what to do - left messages - no come-back, so I made the decision that the management are paid to do - and will probably save RM some money as well !

Feeling slightly better this afternoon/evening - although workload was twice as bad as yesterday - but have decided to err on the side of caution and will therefore be giving Ashton United v Chasetown a miss tonight - apologies for absence !! I know for a fact the 99% of peeps (i.e. the under 30s in RM), had they felt like I felt on Monday night, would have banged in for at least a week off work - such is the work ethic these days - tsskk ! However my aging body needs a little bit of TLC - and fortunately today no (female) customer asked me to marry them either !

So I'm going for the quiet night in option - will probably watch the England game from a prone position on that very same settee - not that it will be THAT interesting (think there's been more column inches on "Who Will Be Captain ?" rather than the actual game itself - which is another pointless mid-season friendly anyway ...)

Three more days - and then I've got a whole week off - by heck I think I need it ...

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Anonymous said...

the flu jab is full of . . . err flu. HELLO!!!