Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And so it was "ON" ...

You choose ... !!!

... so bugger squared !!! Apparently a 4-1 "romp" according to Mossleyweb - such is life I suppose. So Mossley get to the final to play Droylsden (25th April apparently - venue as yet unknown).

My version of Tuesday included a very early work finish (!) - so early in fact that me and Mrs S went to the 1615 showing rather than the 1830 one - Cineworld Ashton to see "The Woman in Black" ... and it is thoroughly recommended !! A proper "scary movie" - not over the top but nicely understated - which makes it all the more scary !! Harry Potter (OK Daniel Radcliffe) does a very good job - and some of the camera work is really good (a candle reflecting on the the eyes of the monkey toy while the camera panned round looked excellent !). It's just a shame that - these days - a trip to the cinema gets spoiled by morons - yes people actually PAY MONEY to go to the cinema and then behave like complete prats - talking - leaving phone on - wandering in and out - and the crackling of popcorn packets by the obviously clinically obese makes it even worse - can you not a) sit still for a couple of hours; b) put your 'anti-diet' on hold for a couple of hours you fat b*st*rds; c) turn your effing phone off for a couple of hours,because your mates are morons too. Obviously not for some ... this sort of moronic behaviour is not new - I can remember going to the Comedy Store in Manchester several years ago and there were a group of people in front of us talking through the show - it nearly came to violence I have to say ... they did shut up eventually; I'm not a violent person, but when I've paid good money to watch a show ...

Anyway - after pix we drove home and went on a mini-pub crawl followed by a take-away - now that's what I call St Valentines Day !! Home to discover the Mossley victory ... hey ho ! I recall a good few years ago when Mossley got to the final of the Manchester Premier Cup against Droylsden - it was played at Maine Road (i.e. the "proper" Maine Road - viz City) - and it was on April 23rd ... which just so happens to be our wedding anniversary - that time I DID get a "pass out" from the wife - but I've NEVER chanced it since then, so April 25th for this years final made me go "phew !".

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