Friday, February 10, 2012

Saturday Football - Ha !!

(as at 1830hrs Friday)

Ashton United v Marine - no call yet but ... what do YOU think when you look below !!
Bishop's Stortford v Hyde FC - OFF
Curzon Ashton v Ossett Town - OFF
Droylsden v Harrogate Town - OFF
Mossley v Lancaster City - OFF
Stalybridge Celtic v Nuneaton Town - OFF

Well - should have been at the pictures 7 minutes ago to go and check out "The Woman in Black" (can Daniel Radcliffe hack it in a non-Harry Potter casting ??) - but thanks again to some (more !) startling management ineptitude I didn't get home until 1800hrs. It's certainly been an 'interesting' week ...

Monday - Go into Greenfield to do Walk A (knowing full well that Walk A man is coming in anyway - he finishes on Thursday - as in leaving). Get sent to Oldham to do a walk in the Limeside area - heavy (all social housing, and Housing Association has sent a mail-out i.e. to every bloody house !).

Tuesday - Sent to Greenfield to do Walk B (guys day off) - fall over (!!) - get phone call - can you now do Walk B for the rest of the week (God only knows what Walk B guy has been told) ?

Wednesday - Do Walk B

Thursday - Do Walk B

Friday - Go in to do Walk B - get phone call - can you do Walk A as Walk A guy has now left ? Oh and can you do some of Walk B as well (basically because we forgot Walk A guy was leaving and now we can't cover Walk B) ? No drop bag keys available for Walk A. Can you get them off driver ? Driver already gone out. Can you do the overtime Walk B first and leave note for driver ? OK. Do half of Walk B before starting on Walk A - finish at 1600hrs. Still some of Walk B to do - can you please ? OK. Do more of Walk B - finish at 1720hrs - wait for train home (OK quick slurp in "Railway" @ Greenfield, so not ALL bad !). Home at 1800hrs so too late for tea, shower and out to pics for 1830hrs.

Saturday - who knows ? Have been told to do Walk A again (and next weeks duty sheet says I will be on Walk A ALL next week) - but I wonder - just a little bit (!!) - whether Walk B will be covered tomorrow - or will the phone ring yet again with the plea "Can you do a bit ... ?". Looking at the top of this post (i.e. the state of "football play") - I'll probably say "What the hell, why not ...).

Sometimes I really wonder about RM 'management' - see earlier posts about p*ss ups in breweries etc etc ...

(Looks like the pictures will now happen next Tuesday night - well it IS St Valentines Day - and Salford play Mossley in the Manchester Premier Cup - allegedly - can't see that being on either - can you ?)

Oh - and there is a slow gradual improvement with the "Grade 1 Muscle Contusion" - still stiffening up quite awkwardly in the evenings but starting to get more comfortable during the day - and today HAS been quite a day - fortunately someone else is now doing the cooking !!

LATE EDIT (2100hrs) - Ashton United game now OFF as well ...

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