Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Curzon/Clitheroe Pictures ...

... are now up and running ...

Curzon Ashton 2 Clitheroe 1

... OK so I'd done the walk yesterday (so I knew where I was going at least) - but for a so-called "light Tuesday" it was still a right bugger - God only knows what it will be like when it gets heavy - as in the rest of the week. Once again I spent the day slowly collecting undeliverable packets until I ended up with the final bag full of mail and as much again.

obviously NOT the "real thing" - but you get the point !!!

It's probably the one thing that gets my goat - the RM "Management" are forever wobbling on about the need to change the business due to the change in mail - and you may have noticed in the past I'm forever wobbling on about the need for change being a "two-way thing" - RM do their bit (for better for worse !) and why don't the customers do their bit as well (decent sized letter boxes, adequate safe parcel storage - and if you're expecting a Special Delivery/Sign-For packet/letter - make an effort to actually receive it !!!). Hey ho - rant over for another day ...

Apparently it's Pancake Day - so my chicken and chorizo stew is doing just that --- stewing --- while everyone makes pancakes --- grr !!

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