Sunday, February 05, 2012

The "Annual Ritual" ...

... well it seems to be like that these days - a few snaps taken today (on my way up to the Co-op !) 0f Seel Park, Mossley (it's been very misty/foggy today up our end as well) - should be at home to Lancaster City next Saturday ... we'll see how the week pans out - although it has to be said the temperature today is tropical compared to previous (i.e. it IS above freezing !) and there has been a fair bit of thawing today. However it is going to dip below again tonight, so what's left (as in still a lot !) will crisp up nicely before another "rise" tomorrow daytime.

Seel Park in the Snow 05Feb12

Next (I think only) midweek 'should' see Stalybridge Celtic at home to Bishop's Stortford on Tuesday night - again it's a wait and see - although given the travelling required, I can't give it much hope ... I can feel a "call to arms" at Bower Fold on Monday afternoon/Tuesday morning to shift snow (I'm guessing the frost covers will be there underneath) - unfortunately this time round - I have a job and am therefore unable ... unlike this (Jan 2010) and this (Dec 2009)

Fingers crossed ...

(PS - got a few "macro type" snaps from the garden today - will have a peep at them later (not expecting miracles mind !!!)

1710 hrs - OOPS - cocked up link - now sorted ...

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