Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mossley v Harrogate Railway

...for a Saturday - it was not good today - especially when you end up with four Special Deliveries all over the bloomin' walk. OK - SDs - the deliver by 1300hrs type stuff - doesn't apply on Saturdays (the time thing) ... unless they have a special "SG" sticker - and of course I had one of them ... near the end of the walk - aargh !

Still - we got there in the end (about 1345hrs) - home, change, out up the road to Seel Park. Mossley took a fairly early lead, had several chances to improve on same, but they came to nowt. 1-0 was never going to be enough - but it took a controversial penalty for the visitors to draw level ... one of those "shot hits arm and 99 players shout HANDBALL" ... and the ref gives it. It could have been even worse at the death - but Mossley 'keeper Martin Pearson pulled off a fantastic save to keep it at 1-1. Overall ... my opinion of course ... an awful game ... you can see why both teams are where they are ... some pictures anyway at

Mossley 1 Harrogate RA 1

Meanwhile - sore legs (it's been a hard week !); sore mouth (a bit of a toothache - hoping it will disappear - I only had a check-up a few weeks ago so ...) - so looking forward to a bit of a rest tomorrow (as in a walk around Fiezer, near Settle !). Just hope my mouth improves overnight - cus it's going to be a hard week at work again next week (0700 starts again - but at least NOT the "Round of Hell" - not at this moment in time anyway !!)

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