Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stalybridge Celtic v Workington

... more to come ... pix for now ...

Stalybridge Celtic 1 Workington 3

(we've run out of beer and chocolate at home - so I need to repair to the local convenience store - and maybe drop in to a local hostelry on the way back !!).

Al Bee Bak

It's 0020 - and I am back - listening to the classic Budgie album "Never Turn Your Back On A Friend" (note to Metallica fans - if you've ever heard them playing a track called "Breadfan" - it was originally a Budgie track) - and that trip to the hostelry involved watching the Klitschko/Chisora fight ... well he tried !

Anyway today ... knowing that was some overtime involved, I went into work 45 mins early and did the o/t first. Reckon I did get stung a touch (even with it being a Saturday) but hey ho on that (did it within the allotted time so ..) ... then did my full walk - and the "clowns" who'd thrown it in had decided it was rather funny to throw a load of random "door to doors" into the frame - now I've been a good boy all week and dutifully delivered the damn stuff (in fact doing over the top to ensure bugger all to do today) - so to find this cr*p today was a right bugger. Maybe they think it's funny - I don't - and next week I'm on the same walk - so ... "words will be had" on Monday morning (based around phrases like "selfish ****s", "define the word team", "lazy b*st*rds", and so on) - put it this way - I'm not well pleased - and I don't get peed off easily. Certainly fitted in with the earlier "overtime split" ...

Anyway - after a late "run" (at the end) I managed to make the 1351hrs train from Greenfield - got home - got changed /dried off (it was a grotty day weather-wise as well) and went for the 1430hrs bus to Stalybridge ... which by 1450 HAD NOT TURNED UP !! Bottled out - ordered a taxi (so that's today's overtime money straight out of the flipping window), arriving at the ground at about 1505hrs - not missed too much thought I - only to find Workington had arrived late and the KO had been moved back to 1530hrs - so once again me well dischuffed (I could have caught the 1455 train to Stalybridge and walked up - 15 mins).

Bonus pic - that time-wasting Wukkie keeper gets his just desserts ...

The game - don't care what peeps say - Bridge were shocking first half - Workington not much better, but they had the eye for goal - and 3-0 at half-time was no more than they deserved. There must have been a real "hair dryer" job in the Celtic dressing room at half time, - because the home team totally dominated - but could only find one goal ... the damage had been done..

Home - fiddle with pix - sneak out for chocolate - watch fight - come home - and this (the Budgie album has finished - now listening to some rare stuff - Steve Hillage live at the Deeply Vale Festival 1978 - Steve Hillage - one of my two "absolute" music heroes - Todd Rundgren being t'other).

... and how else do you prove your allegiance to Steve Hillage - the glorious "OM" tattoo on my right arm ...

And - at 0100hrs ... that's y'lot ..

(Obscenities removed/amended 1100 Sunday - I've calmed down a bit now !!!)


Mich said...

Get some moisturiser on that tattoo its going grey!

Mike Smith said...

Blame the dodgy photo !!!