Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ashton United v Burscough

... away from that sh*t they call work - and back to "sense and sensibility" that they call football - until that thing called "match officials" kicked in and all of a sudden you're back to lack of competence, lack of discretion, lack of ... well you name it - and when "play" clashes with "work" in that sense - you - well I - get right p*ssed off.

The game - fairly even over the first 45 - Burscough a "touch" more physical, but it was "liveable with" ! Ashton took the lead, but Burscough continued to look dangerous and the equaliser was well deserved I thought. It could have gone either way after that, but then the ref suddenly decided that HE was the reason we'd paid our eight quids - and promptly turned a not brutal game into a joke - the Ashton sending off - albeit a second yellow - was farcical - no contact whatsoever - no intent - no nothing .. after that the yellow card and the little book worked overtime - absolute madness. I lost interest I must admit - he ruined that last 30 minutes of that game for me. nearly forgot (!!) - some pix at

Ashton United 1 Burscough 1

Quick pint in the bar afterwards - sat with a couple of "hoppers", one of which was Kim from Scandinavia - over here for a couple of weeks getting some football in (Boston United tomorrow I believe !). Then it was the 2203 bus back to Stalybridge - quickie at the Buffet - and then back to Mossley - to this ...

Tomorrow at work ... well if you've read the earlier post today, the "top priority" led to nothing - I also had a meeting with our Finance Department and a couple of guys over from India ref the "Oracle Financials Implementation" - which was basically "Sod your systems - you're getting this"... and if that's the case why do they (allegedly) want me to stay on for another couple of months ?? Keep your eyes open tomorrow (OK later today) to see if someone in authority can finally get their *rses in gear and put something concrete on the table. Today we've seen so many of those who have "got the chop" tidying up and preparing to leave - leaving me and my Boss still "in limbo" due to what can only be described as complete incompetence. Would YOU choose to work for a company like this ??

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