Sunday, September 27, 2009

Help Hyde United !

I guess most people are aware of the plight of Hyde United - well the "true fans" got off their backsides on Saturday. When all us others were attending matches, the Tiger fans were "doing stuff" - raising money by all kinds of means, including people "wandering the streets/pubs of Hyde" no less ! About £9,000 was raised ON SATURDAY ALONE I believe - amazing response - taking the Supporters Club funds up to about £15,000. In addition over £2500 in cheques has arrived as well. Tomorrow night a bucket collection is being organised outside the City of Manchester stadium before the Man City game - and yes it HAS been Ok'd by the people at Man City - so if any Blues are there tomorrow - look out for Tigers with buckets and dob them a quid or two (tell them MossleySmiffy sent you !) If anyone has £1,000 to spare - you'll get a 10 year Hyde United season ticket thrown in as well (which you could always auction to raise even more !).

If anyone wants to donate by Bank Transfer, here are the details:

The Supporters' Club building society account details are as follows for anyone who wishes to donate money by bank transfer:

Sort code: 09-00-00
Account No. 00050005
Ref. No. E43303696BBG

Would anyone who wishes to donate money by cheque please either PM Supporters' Club or see Steve Johnson or James Brindley. Cheques should be made payable to Hyde United Supporters' Club.

Check out
Hyde United Message Board for the latest position - and if you have any ideas ... let them know ! To get "straight to the point try the Donations Thread ..

Obviously my selfish viewpoint on this is regarding the phrase"Six Tame Sides", which I've been using since the early 1990's with the old fanzine (and if anyone has got any - might be rare these days (!!) - why not stick 'em on EBay - profits to HUFC ??) - OK we may have Dukinfield Town "waiting in the wings" but ... you get my drift. It was however (my personal view this so don't be getting on at the wrong people...) a shame about the so called "article" in the Non-League Paper today - what lunatic thought up the quote "Tigers facing extinction unless Hitman stumps up" - that's just stupid. I'm sure any publicity is good publicity but that just ... I don't know ... sticking to fact is much simpler and more hard-hitting. Fine if Ricky Hatton "helps out" (the City connection is naturally kicking in) but it's daft to bang out quotes like that because if the worse comes to the worse ... it WILL NOT be his fault - it will be the fault of many others .... but that's not important right now ...

(This space kindly donated by "Six Tame Sides" - if it gets a few quid into the club - good !).

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