Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mossley v Trafford

.. I got there in the end !

But first a quick word about Hyde United's efforts at the Man City game last night - nearly £8,000 was raised from the "bucket collection" - people were up half the night bagging it up as well - a truly excellent effort (and bravo to the City and West Ham fans for stumping up) - I only hope it's not too late - no further news as yet.

But tonight - the Parents Evening @ Salford College had an 1830 kick-off - and was surprisingly all over by about 1920 (and if Mossley Manager Chris Wilcock "needs a note" ref Steve Settle - I can vouch for the fact he was "at work"at 1830 - cus he works @ Salford College and I clocked him !!!). Expecting only to see the last 20 minutes, I arrived at the game only 10 minutes late after tearing round the M60 (missed nowt fortunately) and promptly watched Mossley make Trafford look stupid - so much in fact that the tackles started to slide in thick and fast, and in my eyes the ref lost it. 2-0 up at half-time and it could have been more. Eased off a bit in the second half but were still very comfy, even though Trafford improved somewhat when they went down to 10 men ! Pictures - again a bit of a rush job tonight so not the finest - but they tell the story (I hope). Check out:

Mossley 2 Trafford 0

I do wonder about this "Respect" thing - it seems a pointless exercise when the heavy illegal tackles go in and the yellow carded players turn their backs on the officials (all this pull up socks/tie laces thing - players, if you're man enough ... face the ref eye to eye - "look at me when I'm talking to you" etc etc - now that's what I call respect). Just one of those things that pee me off - a bit like that plaintive cry of "ay ay ay" every time there's something remotely like a hard challenge - or the players influencing a p*ss poor liner by making the decisions for them. Not just tonight I may add - but generally. Kick the "Respect" thing into touch, and take a leaf out of the behaviour of players of both codes of rugby (but mostly union of course !)

Doctors appointment mentioned last night - I need another chest x-ray apparently - no doubt the "evil weed" has something to do with it. Having given up for two years before all this redundancy kerfuffle kicked in from February onwards, I'm still looking forward to some decisions from our HR Department - nothing today of course - he says with a hint of sarcasm and a smidgeon of irony - once I know my "future" I can kick the buggers into touch once again, that's for sure .. Mr "Hatchet Man" from India has arrived and is making himself popular - you've probably seen him on TV - it's called "interference" !!!

Enough for now ... it's (as usual) late !!

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