Monday, September 28, 2009

Man City v West Ham

... knowing full well that football this week = tricky (Parents Eve tomorrow when ALL the football is !), I ventured .... to the pub .... for said game. Had I got the wherewithal, time off work early etc etc etc, I'd have gone down to Eastlands tonight with camera in order to get some half-decent publicity-type shots of the Hyde United peeps doing the "bucket collection" outside the ground before the game (I sincerely hope that a goodly sum of money was raised tonight).

Anyways - I went to the "Railway" in Greenfield to watch the game - and left a couple of minutes before the end (such are trains ) when City were 3-1 up - which is how it finished... it's always nice to watch a Ciy game there as it's not too full (because all the City fans actually GO to the game - so different (and more crowded) when "t'other team" are on the telly - tells you something !!)

My views - please remember I don't really do Premiership type stuff - City look really good looking forward - even without the aid of Robin Ho and the like - but I thought they looked really below average at the back - De Jong and Toure .. not bad .. but Bridge and Barry looked really poor to me - the confidence, the link-up play, the first touch, the "teamwork", the whole defence and midfield looked really out of synch. OK it may take time - I guess you cant just spend £180 milion and expect everything to click overnight (!). They DO look good up front though - I've always liked SWP and also Petrov (great to see players with left feet !) ... and Tevez should have had 3 or 4 to be honest.

Hey guess what happens tomorrow ?? The HR Manger at work returns from her holibobs - and also the "Hatchet Man" arrives from India. Me - I'm turning in late because I've had a "note" from the doctors regarding the X-Ray I had a few weeks ago when I spent the night in hospital with "breathing difficulties" - hopefully nothing drastic, but I'm taking NO chances ... so basically they'll all have to wait for me (although having witnessed the whole HR/Redundancy scenario over the last two months, it's hardly likely that "little old me" will be top priority with them - because they certainly f**ked up for the last two months) - hardly expect anything quickly from that bunch these days - although I reckon Mr "Hatchet Man" from India may have some plans regarding the "handover" - just weigh it up - I sent him a document which had the words "Redundancy" and "Handover" in the title - it was saved as "oxymoron.doc" - if that doesn't make you laugh - GOOGLE IT - and think of phrases like "Military Intelligence", "Microsoft Works" etc !!! Happy (?) to try and leave with the "clear desk" as I've said before ... but UK Terms and Conditions (and therefore helping to sort my future) are far more important than pandering to some bugger who is basically "sacking me from afar" .... and yes I WILL tell him that (probably about 1130 tomorrow) - and ever the pro, I've already e-mailed work telling them of my late arrival tomorrow (together with a jpeg of the "doctor's note" no less !!)

So a late start for work, no footy in the evening ... whatever .. fingers crossed the Blues (and Irons) fans put some money into the Hyde United account this evening - no mention on ESPN, although I believe BBC Manc and Talksport were approached ... we'll see quite soon no doubt whether the "Farsley Situation" has happened again ... fingers crossed.

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