Tuesday, September 08, 2009

At Last ... Some Action @ "Work" !!

... albeit still totally informal, still totally "up in the air" .. still pretty much up with the "I need to check with xxx and confirm with yyy etc etc etc .... " as noted yesterday lunchtime.

Still .. there's an "informal offer" to extend my working life for an extra 6-8 weeks (I guess they've finally realised that it's not that easy to say "sod off" without actually thinking it through - bloody amateurs ...). Tomorrow will see info from the puppeteers in India regarding what needs doing - then I guess it's up to me to either say:

1) "Go F*ck Yourselves";
2) "What's in it for me ?";
3) "Admit you goofed ?";
4) "Why has no-one noticed my OM tatto ? Thought that guaranteed my job for life" ...

or other such stuff ....

There are some "pros" - the statutory government redundancy "pay limit" goes up from £350 to £380 per year in October - so assuming these 6-8 weeks are not part of my notice period (if that is the case see option 1) above !!!!!) it's an extra £765 on my paltry lump sum ... tax free natch - could get pay till February 2010 rather than just before Christmas 2009 ...

I await tomorrow's info - and also something written down in black and white - every bugger else has had official "sod off" letters - I'm not making any decisions without some legally binding bits of paper ...

... would you ?

Football post to follow for you football people - based on last night's and tonight's action - honest ... !

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