Wednesday, September 09, 2009


(if you do not know said acronym - Google it !!)

What I said last night ref information from the "puppetteers in India" - yep I received ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TODAY- an e-mail to HR was replied with "We're chasing it ..." - ho ho effing ho. This naturally left me with yet another quandary. The deadline for appeals against the redundancy notices sent out last Friday was .. today. If this so-called "delay/extension etc" all goes pear-shaped, I may well find myself back at the stage I thought I was last Friday (and what makes it worse now is that I've just worked three days of "that notice period" - when others have already left !)

So ... last thing tonight, I sent in an appeal against an as-yet non-existent (but maybe existent) redundancy notice ... covers my backside if nothing else. Also proves that incompetence is still alive and kicking in Cheadle Hulme and India. I copied said e-mail into the Managing Director as well - you never know, it might set some hornets buzzing in the nest - but then again, I know that none of them care anyway - so why should I sit back ? A couple of people came into the office today asking for some stuff to be done. I had to turn round and say "Don't ask me - check with our HR Department - I might not actually be here at the moment - even though you can see me ..." It's tempting to actually just "stay at home" until decisions get made and terms and conditions get put down in writing .. however I've just gone and bought a new weekly train season ticket - following yesterday's false dawn ....

I should have known better really shouldn't I ?

Next thing - have had an e-mail from a friend ref jobs at "his place" - have sent CV to him and early indications - he's already passed it on - are promising (even if it's only an interview, it's a start !).

Oh yes - England appear to be going to South Africa ..... !

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Anonymous said...

nil desperandum mike i am sure all will work out for you in the end