Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hyde United Back Up and Running !

A cut and paste from their message board - courtesy Tony Beard ...

We were back at the High Court this afternoon and I am pleased to report that the Winding Up Order against us has been rescinded and we are now free to trade normally.

Fantastic news! The Tigers are roaring again.

Thanks to one and all for all the efforts. WE can’t relax, though we need to keep the momentum going now and ensure that we remain solvent. The Club has pulled together fantastically and let us now build on what we have achieved in the longest week in history

More details to follow shortly on this weekend’s game(s) and whether the FA will allow us to continue in the Competition - and if so, when.

There will also be a celebration evening in the Lounge/Club as soon as………….

I will finalise details in a little while once position is clearer. Just ENJOY for the time being.


There's a lot of happy people around Hyde tonight I guess - and isn't it just ironic that they visit Farsley Celtic at the weekend - a club that "went bust" for about 24 hours only a few weeks ago ... let's hope that the Hyde v Salford FA Cup game can now be OK'd to go ahead ...

.. but as Tony says, it's only a reprieve for now - houses have to be put in order to make sure that this becomes permanent - I wish them luck !

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