Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Football Fixture Ineptitude ??

What's this blog called ? Yep .. SixTameSides ... where was I last night ? At one of them viz Ashton United ...

I could have gone to:

Droylsden V Harrogate (5-0 that one !)
Hyde United v Gloucester City (1-1)
Curzon Ashton v Trafford (3-0)
in addition to my choice of
Ashton United v Burscough (1-1)

Now tell me what that does to crowds - in an area where all four teams are within 5 miles of each other:

Curzon - 111
Ashton U - 139
Hyde - 320
Droylsden - 376

OK - two different leagues - but even then, with all the teams having nominated Monday as "their night" it shows a staggering ineptitude with the fixture software - even excluding the clashes - think Gloucester to Hyde on a Monday night ?? This is the Blue Square North - not the professional Blue Square Premier. It's daftness like this that leads to clubs getting into "financials" - the Farsley Celtic story for example - they went for it in the BSP - I cannot comment on their fixture setup in "that year" - but I'd pretty guarantee they had some crazy midweeks !!! OK not the full "excuse" for them going nearly bust (running up a £200k tax bill just ain't clever - ask Hyde United !!) .. but I do have some concerns about fixture organisation ...

I firmly believe that Conference and Unibond (dare I also include Glossop - Vodkat League - in this equation) should get a copy of the "SixTamesides.dll" plug-in to add into their fixture software ... all I've got to do is write it ... but possibly no time to do that at the moment - see earlier ramble !

Meanwhile tonight ... Stalybridge have gone to the alleged "moneybags" of Eastwood Town - and dumped them 3-1 - in front of a 601 crowd no less (always worth a look on the Ilkeston Town message board when things like this happen - especially with them wining 3-0 @ Solihull Moors !!!!!) - a fine "retort" to the Droylsden result last night - yes it's a "biggie" between the two teams on Saturday ... and where am I ??? At the annual "Boots and Beer Festival" up in the Yorkshire Dales ... another reason to hate the fixture compilers - surely this game should have been on a Bank Holiday/Christmas/New Year ?? Glossop's shaky start to the "post-FA Vase" season continued with a 1-2 defeat @ Maine Road - they looked good in the PSF against Mossley (and they've nicked a couple of Mossley players ! ) .. hmmm ...

And ex-Mossley starlet Ciaran Kilheeney has scored a hat-trick - including a 90th minute winner - to help Southport win 3-2 at home to ................. Stafford Rangers .... further bugger .....

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