Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Football - Free Wednesday

...OK there was one option tonight - the FA National League System Cup First Round betwixt the Lancashire & Cheshire Amateur League and the Birmingham & District Amateur League ... but it was at Maine Road FC (or Manchester County FA HQ if you're being posh !). As the day went on at work - and all the life and soul collected overnight was slowly sucked out of me - I thought "sod it !"

So - a quiet night in messing on pc in the end, giving Spotify some hammer (running through the first Lynyrd Skynyrd album as we type - always remember seeing them supporting Golden Earring in London back in about '74 - when they finished over half the audience walked out !). What will tomorrow bring - maybe the boss back from death's door (which will give them b*st*rds "upstairs" an excuse to communicate maybe ??) - maybe another quiet day of indecision, who knows ? Joke today - invited to a meeting regarding one software package - quote was "need to check operation now that key personnel have left the company" - another classic case of "horse, stable door, bolt" - totally clueless ....

Bad day for death as well today - Keith Floyd (an old hero from the proper cooking programmes - him and Graham Kerr - quality !) and Patrick Swayze as well ("Ghost" still one of those films that brings a tear to the "Smiffy Eye")...

Onward and downwards ....bit like Mossley AFC (!)

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