Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good to know ...

... that "failure bonuses" are alive and kicking outside the Cheadle Hulme area ..

More robbing bar stewards

Today I get a list of "jobs to do" - in fact the word "handover" was used more than once .. hmmmmmmm - now up to me to gauge how long it will take to "do the needful" (tis an Indian phrase I've got used to over the last year or so !! ) - tell them "over there" my view on that - see if they agree or not - and when we come up with a time scale acceptable to "them" and "me" ... I then hit on the UK end to sort out terms and conditions .. and that's the really important bit of course ..

..and if we can't agree anywhere along the long and winding line - b*ll*x to 'em all ..

Strange isn't it that people are so quick to say "f**k off" - and then when they suddenly realise that "knee-jerk decisions" drop them into serious doo doo (which is basically where we are) they start to panic ("eek you can't get rid of him yet etc ...") .. not quite sure whether the ball is in my court or theirs - but I reckon I might have a slight advantage at this moment in time....

Weekend sees me away from football - up in the Yorkshire Dales (Hawes/Askrigg) for out annual pilgrimage to the "Boots and Beer" Walking Festival - sponsored by Black Sheep Brewery. This involves - you've guessed it - walking and drinking beer (not at the same time mind !). The big bummer is of course missing the big Tameside game on Saturday betwixt Stalybridge Celtic and Droylsden - two teams "on fire" at the moment if you look at the recent results .. and with Mossley out of the FA Cup it would have been the obvious choice - even with their re-arranged game against Howich/Leigh RMI/Genesis/Revelation...

(Wonder what India would say if I reckoned "6 months to complete the work properly and professionally" ... two words that probably equate to an unknown concept - if the tales I've heard about their "Drawing Office abilities" are true - they're already trying to "rush through" an Oracle Financials implementation - without the assistance of the guy who knows the UK Oracle database setup backwards - yep - me !)
"Am I bovvered" ???

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