Friday, September 25, 2009

Belarus v Slovakia

... how about that then - different eh ? Mrs Smiffy and our Michelle went for a late night shop in Manchester tonight, so I took full advantage and headed down to the Tameside Stadium to watch the "wooden spoon" game in the UEFA Womens Under-19 European Championship First Stage (Group 6) between Belarus and Slovakia.

Slovakia went 3-0 up in the first 13 minutes, and I wondered if it was going to be another "goal fest" (Belarus lost 12-0 to Norway on Monday !). However Belarus got one back and it calmed down for all of 4 minutes before two more goals made it 5-1 at half-time. However the second half finished 0-0, so certainly some improvement by Belarus there ! Pics at

Belarus 1 Slovakia 5

In the other group game played at Rochdale tonight, England and Norway drew 1-1 so it's Norway who win the group on goal difference (although both teams go through to the next stage).

Talk in the bar and half and full-time was naturally about the demise of Hyde United, who were "wound up" on Wednesday. Salford will now get a "walkover" in Saturday's FA Cup game unless someone can pull £120,000 out of a hat very sharpish and Hyde can "do a Farsley" as they say - I wish them luck, but this has dragged on all summer long with a couple of "reprieves"- and I guess patience is not a virtue at the HMRC ! Think about it though - £120,000 - one weeks wages for just one premiership superstar - perspective and all that - that £1 million given to the Conference by the Premiership (only £6,000 to North and South teams - Prem teams got £30,000) starts to look slightly pathetic doesn't it ??

Saturday's game should have been Harrogate RA v Mossley, but the railways - in their infinite wisdom - have decided not to bother between Stalybridge and Huddersfield ("engineering works"), so that knocks that one on the head - shame as Harrogate is one of the better "train days out" ... so I guess I'll be returning from whence I came tonight to see Curzon Ashton take on Clitheroe - we do have a "bit of a do" at home in the evening so .. it probably works out well really.

Work .. not important right now - cus it's late ... and I can't be *rsed.

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Steve said...

£35k will be enough to see us through, the rest being in place. If we can get it we have a strong case for appeal and have until next wednesday to do so. A shame as if we had beaten Salford that figure would have been £30k. We have asked for that to be postponed but in all likelihood we will be charged with failing to fulfill the fixture and be booted out. Anyway, not good times.