Thursday, September 17, 2009

Light at the end of the tunnel ??

... at last - communication. An "informal" (I guess) meet with the VP (yep poncy title but .. hey..) and discussions revolved around finishing "fairly soon", sorting out all payments (full 3 months notice money plus pitiful lump sum) and then ... wait for it ... returning the Monday after the Friday finish as a contractor to do whatever is required until everyone (UK and India) satisfied - and then finally and completely "out".

Seemed cool to me - as I understood it, get the full three months notice and then get paid as a contractor (and we all know my views on the obscene pay rates of agency staff !!) whilst still - effectively - on paid notice. This "crazy scenario" is not new at our place - I've seen many peeps do the same over the years.

However - this was today ... I'll wait with bated breath for something official, on headed notepaper signed (in blood ?) by someone important - HR Manager now on holiday until end of September - might not be that important but ... who knows ?

So - it may turn out to be an agreeable finito for all concerned - they have f*cked me about on a daily basis since that weekend when I expected the "chop letter" two weeks ago - so it's possible there's just a touch of "Sorry, we'll make it up to you" going on ... but until I get something in writing ... whatever actually happens, my heart has always been to leave "with a clear desk" (pro to the end as I've said previously !)

Tomorrow sees a fairly large "session", including many of those who've already gone, getting together in't'pub for some shandies - I'll probably bob along for a couple of hours before dashing home (Mrs Smiffy returns from "the smoke" about 2030) and then it's the weekend. It would be nice to finish the week on a high - in more ways than one ... watch this space (yet again !)

And to confirm - Saturday WILL be Alfreton Town v Stalybridge Celtic ... thanks to Kev @ Alfreton for passing "official" stuff on to the right people (us Conference "licensed to snap" peeps have to do it "by the book" y'see !!)

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Uwdi Krugg said...

Sorry to read about all the redundancy stuff Mike. I'm a similar age and I bit the dust at the end of July, I found out my 22 years experience counted for zilch when it came to a slanting line on a balance sheet. Hope you enjoy Alfreton, I was there a few weeks ago (as a neutral) you can see my visit report at Good luck with the work hassle.